Our products that are listed below are in our main product line  Our R&D team will work with
customers to develop special needs products:

Aircraft Cleaners
  • AC-1010 : Organic Acid Cleaner
    AC-1010 is a liquid acid cleaner, used diluted with water for cleaning hard surfaces.  AC-1010 is excellent for
    removal of calcium deposits, grease, and organic matter from aircraft toilet parts during overhaul, for recirculating
    in lavatory Systems, and for vacuum Systems.

  • AC-2010 : Alkaline Water-based Cleaner
    AC-2010 is an alkaline, water-based, liquid, concentrated cleaner, used to remove oil, exhaust track film, and traffic
    film from aircraft exteriors. It may also be used for cleaning cabin and baggage areas of aircraft interiors, as well as
    gas trucks, ground service units, and freight-handling vehicles.

  • AC-3010:  Gel type Cleaner/Degreaser
    AC-3010 is a liquid, viscous, non-petroleum, solvent-based cleaner for use on both painted and unpainted surfaces.  
    Designed for application on vertical surfaces and large structures.

  • AC-4010:  Natural Solvent Based Cleaner
    AC-4010 is a viscous, solvent cleaner, for removal of adhesive residues, such as acrylic, asphalt, latex glues, and
    corrosion preventive film.  Also excellent for hard to remove oxidized oils, grease buildup, road grim and asphalt.  
    AC-4010 is a natural solvent degreaser.

  • AC-5010:  Interior Aircraft Cleaner
    AC-5010 is a water-based, liquid, concentrated cleaner, used for cleaning cabin and baggage areas of aircraft
    interiors. It is particularly effective for cleaning hard surfaces such as seat trays, windows, and mirrors.

Paint Strippers
  • PS-1010:  Acid Activated Paint Stripper
    PS-1010 is a non-evaporative, acid-activated, paint and primer remover.  PS-1010 is for removal of polyurethane and
    epoxy paint systems. PS-1010 is designed for use on resistant films, which cannot be removed with neutral or
    alkaline strippers.

  • PS-1020:  Acid Activated, Low Odor, Paint Stripper
    PS-1020 is a high performance viscous, acid-activated, non-phenolic paint remover, with low odor compared to other
    acid activated paint strippers.  PS-1020 is particularly effective for removal of polyurethane and epoxy paints from
    aircraft surfaces.

  • PS-2010:  Alkaline based Epoxy/Polyurethane And Sealant Remover
    PS-2010  is a viscous, benzyl alcohol emulsion type paint remover, designed for removal of polyurethane, polysulfide,
    and epoxy coatings from metal surfaces. PS-2010 is unique in its dual use as it removes both the polyurethane/epoxy
    top coat and polysulfide primers.

  • PS-3010:  Neutral Peroxide Activated Paint Remover
    PS-3010 is a peroxide-activated paint and primer remover, for removal of polyurethane and epoxy paint systems. PS-
    3010 is environmentally preferred and very worker-friendly. One of the most effective and safe aerospace paint
    strippers manufactured.

  • PS-4010:  Solvent Based Paint Remover (Epoxy/Polyurethane)
    PS-4010 is a high-performance, solvent-based, viscous stripper, used to strip aircraft primers, epoxy, polyurethane,
    and other organic coatings from metal surfaces.

Surface Preparations:
    •        Corrosion Removers
    •        Metal Conditioners
    •        Specialty Equipment Cleaners
    •        Dry Wash
    •        Aluminum Metal Polish
    •        *** COMING SOON Non-Hazardous replacement for Dichloromethane based products.

Specialty Products:
    •        Gum Remover
    •        Rug Shampoos
    •        Toilet Treatments
    •        Antimicrobial Protection
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